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How the Aurora Criminal Lawyers at MBS Law Can Help

Aurora is a home rule municipality in Colorado, meaning that its citizens have more control over local affairs and the ability to create laws and regulations that are specific to the community. The city of Aurora is located within the Arapahoe, Adams and Douglas counties and is the third most populous city in the state.

Because of the municipality’s size, it is not uncommon for legal issues to arise here. Residents facing criminal charges in Aurora can turn to MBS Law for dedicated and expert legal representation. Our Aurora law firm specializes in various criminal cases, ensuring that individuals receive tailored and strategic defense.

What to Expect From Our Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Charges We Can Defend You Against
No matter the criminal charge against you, our team can help. See below for a comprehensive list of the legal areas in which we specialize.
Not seeing your specific charge on the list? Don’t worry – if it’s a criminal matter, we can help. Simply fill out the contact form below or call our office directly for a FREE consultation.

Aurora Court: What to Expect

Where is the Aurora courthouse?

There is not a courthouse located in the city of Aurora. Because Aurora sits in three different counties (Adams County, Arapahoe County, and Douglas County), the courthouse in which your case will be tried depends on the specifics of the situation at hand. Please see details on the relevant county courthouses below.

Adams County Justice Center
1100 Judicial Center Dr., Brighton, CO 80601

Arapahoe County Justice Center
7325 S. Potomac St., Centennial, CO 80112

Douglas County Courthouse
4000 Justice Way Ste. 2009, Castle Rock, CO 80109

You can find additional information on the 18th Judicial District court system HERE.

When should I seek legal counsel after being charged with a crime in Aurora?

When it comes to criminal charges, time is of the essence. The sooner you consult with an criminal attorney, the better your chances of building a strong defense and understanding your legal options. If you are facing criminal charges in Aurora, Colorado or a surrounding area, contact MBS Law immediately! We are here to help you get started with a FREE consultation, during which we will discuss your case and the best ways to move forward.

How do drug offense penalties vary in Aurora, and what factors influence severity?

The penalties for drug offenses committed in Aurora can vary quite significantly, ranging anywhere from small fines and community service to an extended prison sentence. If your drug crime is classed as a felony, there are certain factors that require sentencing in Colorado’s aggravated range. These include the following:

  • You were under parole for a separate felony at the time of conviction.
  • You were in confinement, incarcerated, or in any correctional institution as a previously convicted felon, or you were an escapee from any correctional institution for another felony when the drug offense occurred.
  • You were on appeal bond after being convicted of a different felony.
  • Any other factors that the court considers appropriate.

More generally, penalty severity for drug offenses depend on factors such as the type and quantity of drugs in question, prior offenses, and proximity to schools or parks. Our team of criminal attorneys can provide tailored advice based on your circumstances – call us today to get started.

What is the duration of domestic violence protection orders in Aurora, and can they be modified?

There are three different types of protection orders in Aurora, Colorado: temporary, mandatory, and permanent.
  • Temporary protection orders are automatically issued at the time of arrest. As the name suggests, these protection orders are short-lived, lasting only until a court hearing is held.
  • Mandatory protection orders are issued at the first court appearance and last as long as the case remains active.
  • Permanent protection orders are issued at the end of a case and prohibit different types of contact between the restrained person and the victim. The specifics of a given PPO vary on a case-by-case basis.
While the restrained individual can petition to get the permanent protection order lifted or removed, they can only do so after two years have passed.
Is negotiating a plea deal an option for a DUI charge in Aurora, and how does the process work?

Yes, negotiating a plea deal is an option for DUI cases in Colorado. Our Aurora DUI attorneys can assess your case, negotiate with prosecutors, and guide you through the process, exploring options for reduced charges or penalties.

The factors that most influence the success of a plea deal include the following:
  • Are there weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case? Here, we will look at the strength of the evidence and the credibility of any witnesses involved.
  • Have you put effort into treatment? How have you acted after the offense? If you have been actively taking steps to avoid a similar event happening in the future, this can reflect positively on your plea prospects.
Note that even if your attorney secures a plea deal for you, you are not obligated to take it. You always have the option to take your case to a jury trial if you wish to do so. We will stand by you no matter what you decide.
How does a conviction for theft or property crimes impact employment prospects in Aurora?

Unfortunately, having a criminal record can negatively impact your ability to secure gainful employment. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney throughout your case, as we understand the potential impact of the charges and can explore avenues for minimizing consequences, such as record sealing. Protect your future – get started today with a FREE consultation.

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MBS Law is committed to serving the legal needs of individuals in Aurora, Colorado, no matter the specifics of your case. Our attorneys bring decades of combined experience, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive and effective representation throughout their legal journey. If you’re facing legal challenges in Aurora, don’t navigate them alone; trust MBS Law for expert guidance and dedicated advocacy.

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Helping Clients Throughout the Denver Metro Area

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