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Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Park County boasts scenic landscapes, charming towns, and a unique blend of recreational opportunities. Amidst the natural beauty, legal challenges can arise, and residents need a reliable ally in the complex realm of criminal law. MBS Law stands as a steadfast partner for individuals in Park County, offering unparalleled expertise and unwavering support. As we delve into the specific areas of criminal defense MBS Law covers, we aim to provide valuable insights for those seeking guidance in Park County.

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Our expert team helps clients with the full spectrum of criminal cases in Park County, Colorado, ensuring comprehensive legal support for all residents. Our key areas of expertise include:
  • DUI (Driving under the Influence): With extensive experience in DUI cases, MBS Law understands the intricacies of Park County’s DUI laws. Whether you’re facing a first-time offense or a more complex situation, our attorneys work diligently to build a robust defense, considering factors such as sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, and procedural errors.
  • Sex Crimes: Sex crime allegations demand a nuanced and strategic defense. MBS Law approaches sex crime cases with sensitivity and thoroughness, recognizing the potential life-altering consequences. From sexual assault to indecent exposure, our legal team provides a staunch defense for individuals facing sex crime charges in Park County.
  • Crimes of Violence:  Charges involving crimes of violence, such as assault or manslaughter, require an attorney well-versed in Park County’s criminal laws. MBS Law combines legal expertise with a commitment to protecting the rights of individuals accused of violent crimes, working tirelessly to secure the best possible outcomes.
  • Domestic Violence: Navigating the complexities of domestic violence charges demands a compassionate yet resolute legal approach. MBS Law recognizes the unique dynamics of domestic violence cases, offering support to those accused and striving to safeguard their rights throughout the legal process.
  • Theft & Property Crimes: From petty theft to more serious property offenses, MBS Law addresses a wide range of theft-related charges in Park County. Our legal team scrutinizes the evidence, challenges the prosecution’s case, and explores potential avenues for reduced charges or case dismissal.
  • Drug Offenses: Colorado’s stance on drug offenses requires a strategic defense. MBS Law is well-versed in drug-related laws in Park County and offers a proactive approach to cases involving possession, distribution, or manufacturing of controlled substances.

Need a criminal defense lawyer in Park County? MBS Law is here to help. Simply contact us today via phone or complete any of the forms on our site, and a member of our team will be in touch to help you get started.

Park County Court: What to Expect

Where can I find the Park County courthouse?

Park County Combined Court
300 Fourth St., P.O. Box 190, Fairplay, CO 80440

This court location is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

You can find additional information on the Park County court system HERE.

Can a DUI conviction lead to the loss of my driver’s license in Park County?
While a DUI conviction will not result in the permanent loss of your license in Park County, it will likely result in a temporary suspension. Here are the typical suspension periods:
  • First offense: 9 months
  • Second offense: 1 year
  • Third offense (or beyond that): 2+ years
Note that a DWAI (driving while ability impaired) does not automatically trigger a license suspension, although if you have had multiple offenses, this penalty may apply.

In addition, drivers under the age of 21 convicted of DUI charges will face shortened suspension periods of the following:

  • First offense: 3 months
  • Second offense: 6 months
  • Third offense (or beyond that): 1+ year
If you need help with your DUI case in Park County, Colorado, the MBS legal team is here to help. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get started with a free consultation.
What are the potential consequences of a sex crime conviction in Park County?
The penalties for a sex crime conviction in Park County can vary significantly depending on the severity of the crime. Penalties for misdemeanor charges can include jail time and hefty fines. The consequences for felony charges are often much harsher and can include prison time, even larger fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.
The team here at MBS Law can explore defense strategies to help you mitigate these consequences. Get started today.
Are there alternatives to jail time for crimes of violence in Park County?
Park County, Colorado does offer several alternatives to jail time in certain cases. These alternatives include probation, community service programs, and home detention programs (aka house arrest or home confinement). However, these options are only available for certain crimes.

Typically, the sentencing for class 6 felonies and higher or class 4 drug felonies and higher includes some type of imprisonment. There is a much higher chance of an individual qualifying for an alternative to jail time if they have committed a non-violent crime.

Again, sentencing varies immensely on a case-by-case basis. For more information on the potential penalties that may accompany your specific charges, reach out to MBS Law today, and a member of our team can provide you with details.
How can a domestic violence charge impact child custody arrangements in Park County?
In Colorado, judges are required to make decisions based on the “best interest of the child.” In theory, this means that a judge could grant an abuser parenting time, responsibilities and privileges depending on the circumstances.

However, domestic violence charges often complicate custody cases. As custody cases are civil, the court does not require proof beyond a reasonable doubt to make pivotal decisions. If the court deems that a parent is a danger to their child, this can seriously impact their chances of gaining custody. Domestic violence charges can play a key role in a judge and/or jury coming to this conclusion.

Is drug diversion available for first-time drug offenders in Park County?
In Park County, just as in any Colorado county, the goal is always to find an opportunity for rehabilitation over incarceration. Depending on the specific offense as well as your criminal history, the following two options may be available to you.

Pretrial Diversion: This option involves delaying your trial for up to two years until you have completed a court-approved treatment program. For first-time misdemeanor offenders, charges will be dismissed upon successful completion of the program.

Deferred Sentence (“Wobbler” Sentencing): Deferred sentencing allows the court to put off sentencing for up to four years after an offender makes a plea or is found guilty. This delay is meant to provide the offender with time to complete a court-approved treatment program. This option is typically limited to individuals whose crimes hover (or “wobble”) between misdemeanors and felonies.

When an individual under deferred sentencing does complete their treatment program successfully, the court will reduce the charge from a felony conviction to a level 1 drug misdemeanor.

Can I expunge my criminal record in Park County, and how does the process work?
First, you’ll need to see if you qualify for expungement, the complete removal of a charge from your record. In Park County, Colorado, the only records that can be expunged are those related to the following:
  • Certain juvenile crimes
  • Underage drinking and driving crimes
  • Arrests involving cases of mistaken identity
If you qualify (and often after a given waiting period), you can petition the Park County court for expungement. From there, you’ll have to wait for a decision from the court; these requests are usually granted for those who meet the requirements and complete all forms correctly. In some cases, the court will schedule a hearing, during which you will present your case in person (with your legal defense if you so choose).

Why Choose MBS Law for Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Park County

In Park County, legal challenges require a partner with a deep understanding of Colorado’s criminal laws and a commitment to individual rights. MBS Law stands as that partner, offering tailored defenses, unwavering support, and a wealth of experience in the diverse spectrum of criminal cases. For Park County residents navigating the complexities of the legal system, consulting with MBS Law is a proactive step towards securing the best possible outcome. Your legal journey is unique, and MBS Law is dedicated to guiding you through it with diligence, expertise, and a focus on achieving justice.

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Helping Clients Throughout the Denver Metro Area

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