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Drug-related crimes are a serious issue in Denver, with law enforcement cracking down on drug offenses more than ever before. Unfortunately, this means that many individuals get caught in the crosshairs and can end up facing overblown charges.

At MBS Law, we have over 90 years of combined experience in drug crime cases. Our team of skilled drug crime attorneys understands the complex nature of these charges and the potential consequences of a conviction. Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone (MBS Law) is committed to providing aggressive and strategic legal representation to protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome for your drug charges case.

Looking for a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Colorado? MBS Law Can Help.

If you have been accused of a drug-related offense, it’s crucial to have a skilled drug crimes attorney represent your interests in court. We have worked with countless individuals to combat the following drug-related charges here in the Denver Metro Area.

  • Possession: Being caught with illegal drugs or controlled substances.
  • Distribution: Selling or providing illegal drugs or controlled substances to others.
  • Manufacturing: Producing or creating illegal drugs or controlled substances.
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute: Having illegal drugs or controlled substances with the intention of selling or distributing them to others.
  • Special Offender: A charge that can be applied to repeat drug offenders, which carries harsher penalties and may involve enhanced sentencing.
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What Will Determine the Outcome of My Drug-Related Case?

There are many factors that can contribute to the severity of the charges against you. Here are some of the most common:

  • The type and quantity of drugs involved in the incident
  • Whether you were buying or selling the drugs
  • Whether you have a record of drug-related crimes
  • Whether you have been treated for drug use in the past
  • Whether you were arrested with a firearm in your possession
  • Whether you underwent an unlawful search
  • Whether you were not in actual possession of the drugs (i.e. they were found in a shared space)
You don’t have to face your drug charges alone. Hiring a skilled Denver drug crime lawyer can make a massive difference in the outcome of your case. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your case and learn how we can help.

Drug Felony in Colorado

On October 1, 2013, Colorado amended and lessened previous drug sentencing penalties. For felony drug offenses, there are four levels of drug felonies: DF1, DF2, DF3, and DF4. Possessing a large amount of an illegal drug or trafficking across state lines is a serious offense, and a conviction may result in at least one year in prison. Convicted felons forfeit their rights to vote and own firearms. Here is a breakdown of the different levels of felony sentences and penalties.

  • DF1: A level one drug felony in Colorado requires a mandatory prison sentence, which can be anywhere from eight to 32 years, depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime. You can expect three years of parole and fines from $5,000 to $1 million.
  • DF2: A level two drug felony typically results in a four to eight year prison sentence and two years on parole. Fines can range anywhere from $3,000 to $750,000.
  • DF3: A level three drug felony usually results in two to four years in jail with one year on parole. Those charged with a DF3 typically pay around $2,000 to $500,000 in fines.
  • DF4: You can expect to spend six months to a year in jail after being committed for a level four drug felony. You can also expect one year on parole and anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 in fines.
Note that, unlike the other levels, level one drug felonies carry a mandatory prison sentence of at least eight years.
As you can see, drug offenses in Colorado are NOT to be taken lightly. The Denver drug crimes defense attorneys at MBS Law will support you in navigating your case, no matter how complex, to ensure the best possible outcome.

Colorado Misdemeanor Drug Offenses

The severity of drug offense charges varies based on the classification of the substance involved and the nature of the incident. For instance, possessing a small amount of an illegal substance carries a much smaller sentence than trafficking or selling a large amount of that same drug. These minor drug offenses are often treated as misdemeanors. A misdemeanor possession conviction may be punishable by a small fine at the least or several months in jail at the most. Below is a breakdown of drug misdemeanors in Colorado.

  • DM1: A level one drug misdemeanor has a minimum $500 fine, a jail sentence of six months, or both. The maximum penalty is a $5,000 fine, 18 months in jail, or both.
  • DM2: Level two drug misdemeanors typically do not require jail time, but you will be expected to pay at least a $50 fine. A maximum sentence will call for up to 12 months in jail and up to $750 in fines.

Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance in Colorado

A controlled dangerous substance (CDS) is a drug or chemical that is regulated by the government because of its potential for abuse or addiction. Specific regulations and penalties vary state by state; Colorado divides CDs into five categories or “schedules,” described in more detail below.

  • Schedule I: Drugs that have a high probability of resulting in abuse, have no accepted medical uses, or are unsafe for use in treatment settings. Examples include synthetic opiates and heroin.
  • Schedule II: Drugs that have a high potential of abuse and cause severe psychological and physical damage if abused. These drugs do have accepted medical uses. Examples include opium and its derivatives.
  • Schedule III: Drugs that have a lower potential for abuse than Schedule I and II drugs, but that can still result in low or moderate physical dependence and high psychological dependence. These drugs also have an accepted medical use. Anabolic steroids are an example of Schedule III drugs.
  • Schedule IV: Drugs with an even lower potential of abuse than Schedule III drugs, such as prescription anti-anxiety medications and non-barbiturate sleep medications. These drugs can lead to a low level of physical and psychological dependance and have an accepted medical use.
  • Schedule V: Drugs with the least potential of leading to abuse, both physical and psychological, and a clear accepted medical use. Drugs in this category mainly fall under the umbrella of over-the-counter medications.

Best Denver Lawyer for Drug Crime Charges: Why You Need MBS Law

Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone, P.C. (MBS Law) excels in navigating Colorado’s intricate drug laws, offering specialized expertise in Denver’s unique legal landscape. With a dedicated focus on drug offenses, our attorneys craft strong defenses tailored to individual cases, addressing charges ranging from possession to trafficking. As your local legal resource, we possess in-depth knowledge of Denver’s drug laws, ensuring a nuanced understanding of the system. Committed to excellence, MBS Law stands out as the premier choice for those seeking the best defense against drug charges. Our experienced team of drug trafficking lawyers delivers strategic and aggressive representation, backed by a proven track record of successful outcomes.

Drug Crimes Defense Attorney: Aggressive and Strategic Representation

When you need a drug defense lawyer near you, contact MBS Law for aggressive, experienced representation. Our Denver drug possession lawyers understand that Colorado’s controlled substance laws are some of the most complex in the nation. It’s imperative that you’re prepared and armed with a strong defense before entering the courtroom; call us today to get started.

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Helping Clients Throughout the Denver Metro Area

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