Crimes of Violence in Colorado: A Results-Driven Defense Approach

How Does Colorado Define Crimes of Violence?

Crimes of violence are serious felony charges that carry mandatory prison sentences, which are longer than they would be if the same offense was committed in a non-violent manner.
In order for a crime to be assigned enhanced penalties, the offense must meet one of the following criteria:
  • During the planning or execution of the crime, the defendant used, possessed, or threatened the use of a lethal weapon.
  • During the planning or execution of the crime, the defendant killed or severely injured any other person (this does not include accomplices).

It is important to note that in the case of unlawful sexual offenses, a deadly weapon does not need to be used and severe injury does not need to occur in order for the event to be considered a crime of violence. Instead, if the defendant (a) causes some bodily injury or (b) uses force, threats, or intimidation against the victim, the case can be classified as a violent crime.

Types of Violent Crime Cases We Handle

The attorneys at MBS Law have extensive experience representing clients that have been accused of crimes of violence in Colorado. Some of the most common charges we see are the following:
  • Murder (first-degree / second-degree)
  • Assault (first-degree / second-degree)
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual Assault
  • Aggravated Robbery
  • First-Degree Burglary
  • First-Degree Arson
  • Crimes against the elderly or disabled
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What Are the Penalties for a Crime of Violence in Colorado?

Crimes of violence in Colorado carry severe penalties, including imprisonment, fines, and a criminal record that can dramatically impact your future. The consequences of a violent crime depend on the specific charge and the circumstances surrounding the offense.
Prison time is primarily determined by the class of felony the crime of violence belongs to. Colorado sentencing guidelines require minimum and maximum prison terms for felonies falling under each class. If a felony is deemed a crime of violence, the prison term is extended substantially in comparison to a non-violent crime under the same category. For example, while class 4 felonies (i.e. second-degree assault) typically result in 2-8 years in prison, class 2 felonies that are also crimes of violence require a 5-16 year term.
The crime of violence maximum sentence for certain sex crimes is life in prison. Examples of these crimes include: sexual assault, felony unlawful sexual contact, and aggravated incest.
In addition, please note that 5 years are added to the prison term if an offense involves a dangerous weapon or semiautomatic assault weapon.

See below for a more in-depth look at the six classes of felonies and their sentence ranges.

Violent Crime Sentencing in Colorado: Can Judges Give a Lesser Sentence?

As noted above, crimes of violence require mandatory prison sentences. However, in some cases, a judge may give a lesser sentence in a crime of violence case, depending on the circumstances of the case and the defendant’s criminal history.
In the rare event where sentence modification does occur, please note that the defendant must still serve a minimum of 119 days in the Department of Corrections before being released.

Crimes of Violence: Careful Defense Preparation

Defending a client against a violent crime charge is a complex process that requires excellent communication skills and an extensive knowledge of the Colorado legal process. At MBS Law, we prepare each case with care, bearing in mind that every set of circumstances requires a fresh set of eyes and an expert attorney at the helm.
We have decades of experience combing through details and reviewing documentation. Our defense preparation process is thorough, and we take the time to make sure we don’t miss important information that might help your case. When you work with our team, you can feel confident knowing that you are getting our full attention and that every stone will be unturned during our process.
Class of Felony Normal Presumptive Range Extraordinary Mitigating Circumstances Sentencing Enhancing Circumstances Crime of Violence Mandatory Parole
Class 2 8-24 yrs 4-8 yrs 8-48 yrs 16-48 yrs 5 yrs
Class 3 (Extraordinary Risk of Harm) 4-16 yrs 2-4 yrs 4-32 yrs 4-32 yrs 5 yrs
Class 3 4-12 yrs 2-4 yrs 4-24 yrs 4-24 yrs 5 yrs
Class 4 (Extraordinary Risk of Harm) 2-8 yrs 1-2 yrs 2-16 yrs 2-16 yrs 3 yrs
Class 4 2-6 yrs 1-2 yrs 2-12 yrs 2-12 yrs 3 yrs
Class 5 (Extraordinary Risk of Harm) 1-4 yrs 6 mos – 1 yr 1-8 yrs 1-8 yrs 2 yrs
Class 5 1-3 yrs 6 mos – 1 yr 1-6 yrs 1-6 yrs 2 yrs
Class 6 (Extraordinary Risk of Harm) 1-2 yrs 6 mos – 1 yr 1-4 yrs 1-4 yrs 1 yrs
Class 6 1 yr – 18 mos 6 mos – 1 yr 1-3 yrs 1-3 yrs 1 yrs

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